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PHIIT Athlete

Develop your physical capacity for sport & for life.

PHIIT Athlete S&C programs feature appropriately loaded multi-directional & multi-planar movements that are designed for athletes of all sports and abilities.

Sessions are focused around developing physical qualities, including the ability to sustain high relative workloads over time. Our programs will build robust bodies that will not only perform, but also bounce back quickly, and where the risk of injury is negligible.

At PHIIT Club, we offer Strength & Conditioning (S&C) sessions for teams and individuals looking to develop both general and specific physical qualities to enhance and support both sports training and competition.

PHIIT Club caters to teams 10 y/o and above, and individual athletes 13 y/o and above can train in our facility. All sports, levels, and individual abilities welcome.


For individual athletes (13 y/o +) looking to bolster their performance, PHIIT Club offers the perfect option. See our video and hear testimonials from some of our amazing athletes.

Individual athletes can join a Haulers, PHIITness, or Ultimate S&C group sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis. Or, they have access to the PHIIT Club S&C facility for the low weekly cost of $27.50 per week.

As a PHIIT Club member, individual athletes will follow our guided workout system, and also have a tailored physical development component (speed, acceleration, repeatability, strength, etc) featured in their weekly training regime, which is co-constructed with a specialist S&C coach.

Note: Athletes under 16 y/o must train under our trainers supervision during manned hours.

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For those looking to develop, top-up, or maintain their fitness during off-season, pre-season, or mid-season competition, our trainer-led measured group exercise sessions are ideal.

Haulers, PHIITness, & Ultimate S&C all feature relevant movements, work:rest periods, and the intensity required for all sports. All 3 programs involve sessions where an individual books, but they train in a group setting.

For Members & Non-Members (10 y/o +) to book a session, click here.


Team S&C sessions are typically run at our S&C facility at Westfield Doncaster.

Sessions feature state of the art equipment, including Torque Tanks, Run Rockets, Ergometers, & Tank Mx’s. All help to develop strength, acceleration and power along with heavy focus on repeatability.

Sessions focus on movements that are multi-planar and multi-directional with appropriate loads to enhance personal performance, but in a group setting. Athletes have clear purpose, direction and on-going feedback to validate their training efficacy, with our PHIIT Method.

We cater for all sports, however our staples are football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. For more information or to book a session for your team, contact us:

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PHIIT Club offers weekend training camps for sports teams, school groups, and groups of local fitness enthusiasts.

Our modern camps focus on the big 4 F’s: Fun, Fitness, Food, & Friendship.

Training camps are held at the Village Green and Pavilion, 26 Hannas Rd, Strath Creek. This is a fully appointed 200 acre training and accomodation facility, located approx. 85 km from Melbourne.

Camps are run by professional S&C trainers, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs POA.

For all enquiries, contact us at:


PHIIT Club’s workshops can be tailored to different ages, abilities, and sports.

These workshops are designed to educate athletes about factors that affect their health, performance, and recovery. Topics that are often discussed are nutrition, reccovery modalities, sports science, speed, acceleration, power, and/or strength training.

Our expert trainers can engage with athletes with their wide range of specialist knowledge. We are able to take special topic requests. 

For all enquiries, contact us at:  


Tracking personal performance is what we do everyday in our facility.

However, we can conduct specfic performance tests for those who wish to track personal progress and/or compare to specific sports standards and norms.

Standard tests on offer: AFL Combine, Beep test, Yo-Yo test, Body composition analysis, Speed tests, Agility tests, power output tests, ergo tests, strength tests.

Athletes who are members of PHIIT Club can request performance testing from our expert trainers.

Non-Members can equire by contacting us: 

Memberships Testing Camps


Unlimited Haulers 2 Haulers Sessions Per Week

Haulers Only

Group Training

  • Unlimited Haulers Sessions
  • 2 Haulers Sessions P/Wk
  • Supervision, Coaching & Body Scans
  • Awards Program From Personal Effort
  • Book / Cancel Sessions To Suit You
  • ADD-ON Available For $11.00p/w*
  • ADD-ON Available For $21.00p/w*
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Club & Haulers

Best of Both

  • Unlimited Haulers Sessions & PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • 2 Haulers Sessions P/Wk & PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • Supervision, Coaching & Body Scans
  • Awards Program From Personal Effort
  • Book / Cancel Sessions To Suit You
  • ADD-ON Available For $11.00p/w*
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Club Only

Individual Training

  • Access PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • Supervision & Support When Manned
  • Body Composition Scans
  • Access Pass & Training Compendium
  • One Off Joining Fee Of $55.00
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For Members & Non-Members:

Click on your desired time & session

Contact Us

(03) 9840 0073

Carpark Level Blue LM Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108

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