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PHIIT Club provides a training option like no other.

Whether you’re after strength, conditioning, athletic performance, wish to be healthier, or drop a few kilos, we have the guided workout to suit. Simply, use the expertise of our trainers to co-construct your ultimate training regime, follow the guided workouts and go.

Train as many times as you like and access world class exercise programming utilizing state of the art equipment and a highly structured system of exercise that gets results with absolute certainty.

Anyone and everyone of all ages (13 y/o+) and abilities are welcome to join.


Remove guess-work and have purpose to your training, by following our expert designed guided workouts.

Clear instructions and demonstrations help you learn exercise movements, how to choose appropriate loads, and how to maximise benefits.

Audio and visual timing makes it clear when to start and stop.

See how it works.


Our scoresheets allow for personal progression to occur with certainty.

Easily capture loads, distances, reps and output achieved each session for the simple purpose of setting targets and chasing scores as you repeat sessions.

Use your compendium to compile your training history and see your personal progression over time.

Trainer Sessions


Our highly qualified trainers are rostered on during manned hours, specifically to help and support you.

Trainers will co-construct your weekly routine to help you know what to do, how much to do, and when to do it. This way you get the most from each and every session.

With a long-standing relationship with Australia’s leading institution of sports science Deakin University, you have access to the very best.


At PHIIT Club, we have the very best training tools and equipment.

This provides you with the opportunity for potent training outcomes, variety and results when used in our structured training system.

For strength training, we have double-stack floating cable pulleys, dumbells ranging up to 50kg, Keiser belt squat, & Air Runner.

For cardio and conditioning, we have burn machines, Concept 2 bike and ski ergos, Rogue Echo bikes, HIIT Pads, SPARC Marchine.

For rehab, we have a water grinder & a host of options for injury-specific modifications.


Ergo Section
Memberships Testing Camps


Unlimited Haulers 2 Haulers Sessions Per Week

Haulers Only

Group Training

  • Unlimited Haulers Sessions
  • 2 Haulers Sessions P/Wk
  • Supervision, Coaching & Body Scans
  • Awards Program From Personal Effort
  • Book / Cancel Sessions To Suit You
  • ADD-ON Available For $11.00p/w*
  • ADD-ON Available For $21.00p/w*
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Club & Haulers

Best of Both

  • Unlimited Haulers Sessions & PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • 2 Haulers Sessions P/Wk & PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • Supervision, Coaching & Body Scans
  • Awards Program From Personal Effort
  • Book / Cancel Sessions To Suit You
  • ADD-ON Available For $11.00p/w*
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Club Only

Individual Training

  • Access PHIIT Club (7 Day Access)
  • Supervision & Support When Manned
  • Body Composition Scans
  • Access Pass & Training Compendium
  • One Off Joining Fee Of $55.00
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For Members & Non-Members:

Click on your desired time & session

Contact Us

(03) 9840 0073

Carpark Level Blue LM Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108

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